Best Astrologer

Diploma Maria Sarbu cel mai bun astrolog al anului 2020, The most incredible moment


Best Astrologer

Today i was awarded the iSuccesss prize for the “Best Astrologer and Personal Development Coach“ in Romania. I am honoured and I wish I was back home to be able to pick up my prize!

This is partly my merit but partly yours, for believing in me. Thank you so much!

Thank you

I want to thank everyone for this award, “Best Astrologer and Personal Development Coach”!
First of all, my friends and family for their support, for all the times they supported me. To my sister for her patience and curiosity to learn as much as possible and to understand. For all the questions she asked me at the right time and for every moment of encouragement, which meant a lot! To my parents for their confidence in letting me guide them and for all their encouragement. For the constructive criticism and the objective vision that I inherit from them.

I want to thank my boyfriend for all the enriching dialogues. For the open-mindedness and all the questions about the society and psychology of our generation.

“Best Astrologer and Personal Development Coach”

Thank you to you, ladies and gentlemen who have used my services. To those of you who have been guided by my books. I thank you in part for every page you enjoyed in my books and for every recommendation you heeded.

Thank you for having the confidence to embrace change and metamorphosis alongside me at every moment of hope. To those who came to cry and took the most beautiful steps of evolution together.

To those who had the desire to go beyond their limits and believed in their potential, who moved forward under my guidance and who worked on themselves even when it was a little late. Those who believed in the future and in grace. Also, to those who have reduced their ego in favor of evolution. To those who called my number with confidence when they were looking for a sign to know if they were on the right track or not.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart

To the seminar participants and those who have attended my events over the years.
Also, to those who have been with me at birthdays and book events. To those who have been happy to get my autograph and have given me their love in a bouquet of flowers at every event. Thank you to those who vibrate like me, who believe in happiness.

Thank you to a few friends and family who are by my side in every spiritual moment and who have helped me with their light along the way when it was difficult! Ina, Gratiela, Daniela, Carmen, Daniela and Daniel, Fabrice, Majda, Doinita, Paulina. Loredana, Roxana, Bogdan if Bogdan, Mugur, Karinne, Alina and Alina, Ciprian.

My mother and father, for their spiritual and intellectual support. For their availability and for always being the first to read my books and to give me their opinion. And for their words, their unconditional love and protection.

Endless thanks to Daniel, Lucian, Iulian, Iulia, Denisa, Ioana, for the care they give to my image on the internet and for their help with my website, over the years.


“Best Astrologer and Personal Development Coach”


Thank you so much to you, Mihaela, Olga, Anca, Cristina si Cristina, Anasthasia. Rusanda, Ilinca, Andreea, Ramona, Eric, Diana, Alexandru. Flavia, Daniela, Mariana. Lizet, Andreea, Bianca, Mihaela, Mirela, Danny, Florin, Adrian, Costel. And also, to all the media people and journalists who have taken my interviews, my articles, to those who have supported my image over the years and believed in me.

Thanks to all those who had “headaches” after the first session with me. To those who were guided by their daily or monthly, yearly astral theme, the solar revolution. To those who have known each other for a year or 20 years.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart
Thank you very much to my students of the astrology course who have continued to practice this passion further. I want to thank you, devotees of personal development! To those who contacted me afterwards to give me feedback.

Thank you so much ISuccess for this “Best Astrologer and Personal Development Coach” award of immense emotional value to me!

The most incredible moment

Today i was awarded the iSuccesss prize for the “Best Astrologer and Personal Development Coach“ in Romania. I am honoured and I wish I was back home to be able to pick up my prize!

This is partly my merit but partly yours, for believing in me. Thank you so much!

Thank you

Best astrological chart. Best karmic chart with Maria Sarbu. Also, best horoscope in Paris Find Understand your life path understand your life lessons with the astral chart.

How to find a good astrologer? How to recognize a good astrologer? A good astrologer has done specialized studies. He never stops studying and working and his evolution is reflected in this. He is passionate about knowledge and he does a lot of things that show it: he writes books, he organizes courses, he publishes important things.

Astrologer for 20 years, writer and Life coach

I am specialized in karmic astrology, relationship astrology and compatibility of zodiac signs. I have been doing TV shows for over 10 years and personal development workshops for women.

In parallel, I have written books for women and personal development:

A new vibration; – a book of self-analysis and personal development ;
Everything you need to know about men (2020); – know your partner as if he didn’t know himself;
Remember to be a woman (2020); – adore the woman in you;
Types of men – find out why you attracted him (2021);
Life Principles (2008);
How to have a happy relationship (2016); – know yourself with your flaws, qualities, values and expectations;
Life through the eyes of an astrologer ;
Take revenge on me for your exes; – the most comprehensive book ever written about relationships;

Best Astrologer
Understand your life path understand your life lessons. Search, find, know, learn, remember and learn.
Everything you need to know about astrology. Act on the lessons of your life and your destiny, astrology to know yourself better

Best astrological chart

Best astrologer, in Paris, astrology for 20 years, Maria Sarbu, karmic astrology. Graduate in Astrology, Astrologer Maria Sarbu, writer of self-analysis books and astrology books. Author of horoscopes will guide you through the analysis of your Astrological Theme, Couples Theme. Your best AstroTheme.

General predictions. Past – present – future. Search, find, know, discover, remember and learn.
Everything you need to know with astrology. Know: Pluto also Saturn, Jupiter, Sun, Moon. Also Venus, Mars, Kiron, Neptune and also Aries, Taurus, Gemini. Not to mention Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces horoscopes, Aries astrological predictions.

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